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Best Dental Plan Provider 2014

October 21, 2014

HI Award 2014 logoThank you!
Denplan have been voted the Best Dental Plan Provider 2014 at this year’s Health Insurance Awards for the fifth year in a row. Pam Whelan, Head of Corporate at Denplan comments:

“We’re immensely proud to have won the award for Best Dental Plan Provider. The fact that the awards are won as a result of votes from intermediaries means a great deal to us and inspires us to continue looking for new and innovative ways to enhance the employee benefits market through our dental proposition. Having won the award five times in a row, we’re keen to add a sixth and will continue working hard to support intermediaries and clients throughout the next year.”

We’d like to thank all those that voted for us and wish everybody a successful year ahead.

Giving kids a great smile for life

October 9, 2014

You probably saw in the news recently that nearly one in eight three year olds have tooth  decay. And a quarter of five year olds. Not good. What are the secrets to keeping those bright little smiles going for a lifetime??????????

  1. Cut the sugary stuff! Keep sweets to mealtimes, avoid sweet and fizzy drinks (milk and water are best) and especially at bedtime. Never put sweet drinks in a feeder bottle or cup.
  2. Fortify with fluoride! Use a fluoride toothpaste last thing at night and one other time in the morning. Check with your dentist the right strength of fluoride toothpaste to use – just a smear for under three and a pea sized blob after that.
  3. Healthy snacks! Fruit, raw veg (carrots, celery) or cheese are good. Processed snacks like crisps often have hidden sugar. Look at labels. If an ingredient ends in “…ose”, it’s probably sugar!
  4. Get checked out! It’s never too early to take children to the dentist, even before teeth come through, so they get used to the routine.

Ask your dental team about how best to care for your children’s teeth and follow their advice.

Health and wellbeing benefits survey 2014 video and flyer now available

September 19, 2014

Hw-key-findingsWe are delighted to announce that our Health and wellbeing benefits survey suite now includes an infographic flyer and video highlighting this year’s dental key findings.

Both flyer and video present a snapshot of the full survey, focusing on company and employee attitudes towards dental plans and dentistry. These provide a perfect device to quickly and effectively emphasize the popularity of dental plans with your client base.

If you would like to us to post you printed copies of the Infographic flyer or full survey, please email

To find out more about the Health and wellbeing benefits survey, visit 

Denplan at Employee Benefits Live

September 18, 2014
eb live

We’re glad to be attending Employee Benefits Live again this year, where we’ll be joining our colleagues at Simplyhealth on stand 609.

If you’re coming too, pop in, say hello and talk to us about how a dental plan can fit with your employee benefits package.

Here’s just a few reasons to consider one before you come along on the day:

It can compliment PMI cover – at a relatively low cost premium you can implement a preventive benefit like a dental plan that’s used on a regular basis alongside your existing PMI scheme.

Don’t have PMI? Come along to the stand and talk to the Simplyhealth team about the benefits that it could have for your business.

Size doesn’t matter! We can provide a dental plan for your business whether you have three or three thousand employees.

Everyone has a mouth! And everyone’s mouth needs to stay healthy. Whether they have a check up every six months or every year, your employees will thank you for helping with the cost each time.

Finding a dentist can be tough. Finding one close to work can help recuperate working hours lost to dental appointments over the year.

Keep your employees healthy. Regular dental check-ups can help prevent wider health issues from developing or worsening such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and oral cancer.

Prevention is better than cure. Dental plans are designed to stop things going wrong rather than intervening when they already have. They help to keep employees healthy and at work.

Simple. Visit dentist, pay dentist, submit claim, receive payment.

Find out more on stand 609 at Employee Benefits Live 2014. Come and have a chat with Zoe and Jessie from Denplan.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Regular headaches? The cause may be your teeth

August 18, 2014

Did you know that elevated levels of stress at work could lead to teeth grinding?


As a promoter of good oral health, we want to help raise awareness of teeth grinding (medically known as Bruxism).

8%-10%*of the UK population are thought to be affected by teeth grinding and many aren’t aware they do it during sleep. It can cause harmful effects including headaches, which may result in staff absenteeism due to sickness.

To help you raise awareness of Bruxism and to see our other health & wellbeing communications, visit our campaigns page.

Health and wellbeing benefits survey 2014 now available

July 9, 2014

HandWSurveyWe are delighted to announce that the Health and wellbeing benefits survey 2014 (formally known as the Dental benefits survey) is now available to view and download.

The report reveals which health and wellbeing benefits UK employers are offering to their staff and how they are being delivered.  It also examines the impact benefits play on employee’s attitudes, along with the challenges that are shaping them.

This year’s findings show that employee benefits remain a priority with over three quarters (78%) of companies offering health and wellbeing benefits. The dilemma for organisations remains how to offer the right mix of benefits to attract and retain staff while also balancing their costs.

The survey is also designed to give company decision makers the most up-to-date information from the dental profession, and indicates that 46% of companies considering adding a dental plan in the coming year. 62% of employees would also consider a dental plan if offered one; while 56% said they would appreciate access to one as part of a package.

Colin Perry, Corporate Channel Manager at Denplan explains: “Clearly we’re pleased that health and wellbeing is still a priority among both employees and company decision makers. With over a third (35%) of respondents offering a Dental Plan to their staff, this makes dental the third most popular selection behind only PMI and Childcare Vouchers. With that in mind it seems that company decision makers understand that there is a direct link between oral health and the overall wellbeing of their staff, which is something that we strongly support. ”

To view and download the full report visit  

If you would like to request a printed copy of the research report, or have any questions about the results please email  

How to write a Winning Awards Entry

June 10, 2014

Standing out from a crowd has never been more important for intermediaries. So what better way to set yourself apart from the competition than winning a recognised professional award? Colin Perry discusses…

Awards are not only a chance to show that you are the best intermediary in your field, but to show current and prospective clients your value and encourage them to broker their benefits through you – rather than going direct to providers.  They can also create a fantastic networking opportunity as well an enabling you to benchmark yourself against your competitors and assess your offerings for future improvements.

Denplan not only sponsor professional awards, such as The Health Insurance Awards, but we also put ourselves forward for as many business accolades as we can. This is because we know the value of the services we provide and, by winning awards, we not only boost our exposure to clients that may not know about us, but reinforce to our existing members that they are with the very best dental payment plan specialist.

As an intermediary, there is no reason why winning awards will not build loyalty with your current client base, but bring in new ones as well. Just being shortlisted for an award is a huge honour and a great opportunity to raise your brand awareness, and potentially your income. So, how do you ensure that your awards entry is the most ‘winning’ that it can be? Here are my ‘Top Tips’ to point you in the right direction.

Top Tips for Winning Awards

  1. Do your homework – take time to find the category that best suit your business and the kind of service you offer. By finding the awards that are right for you, you will also have a better chance at winning.
  2. Read the criteria carefully – make sure you know exactly what you’re entering and that you can put together a good case to win. If the entry asks for a set number of words, make sure you stick to it and use your limit wisely. Going over your word limit by more than 10% can often leave you penalised by the judges.
  3. Provide Evidence – wherever possible you should provide evidence in your awards entries. Anything that supports your claims and provides a more evidence based approach makes your entry more credible to a judge.
  4. Do not rush – a rushed entry is a bad entry, so make sure you take the time to make yours as good as it can be. Read the terms on conditions thoroughly before submitting your entry. Once your entry is submitted the awards organisers will assume you have accepted these.  
  5. Finger’s Crossed! – if you’re lucky enough to get shortlisted, make sure you tell your professional network about it. It’s an honour to be shortlisted and can give you the extra respect and recognition you need to close a deal or start brokering new ones!

If you are thinking of entering the Health Insurance Awards this year and, more specifically, the ‘Best Dental Benefits Intermediary’ category, Denplan is offering a proofing service whereby we can go through your entry in detail to ensure it’s as strong as it can be. If you really don’t know where to start you can also contact us to write the entry for you. This is just one of the many bespoke services we offer intermediaries and one of the reasons we’ve been voted ‘Best Dental Plan Provider’ for four years in a row!


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