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National Smile Month 2015 – How important is your smile?

13 May, 2015


Its that time of year again….. National Smile Month will be with us from 18th May – 18th June 2015, one of the largest and longest-running oral health campaigns in the world!

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National Smile Month (NSM) is organised by the British Dental Health Foundation and supported by dental plan provider, Denplan with the primary aim of improving the UK’s oral health.

NSM promotes three simple but fundamental messages to everyone who has a mouth, which of course is everyone!  all of which go a long way to helping us develop and maintain a healthy mouth.

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Offering a dental plan as part of an employees benefits package has its obvious advantages, however, with Denplan you get so much more.

For full details of our dental plans and services visit here.


FACTS – British Dental Health Foundation NSM 2015 Fun Facts.

Denplan launches a pilot programme for new dental partnerships

27 March, 2015

Featured imageDenplan, the UK’s largest dental payment plan specialist has
today announced the launch of a new dental partnership programme which will see the company enter a partnership with dental practices. This strategic opportunity will see Denplan strengthen its support, investment and involvement for its member dentists and in the future of private, preventive dentistry.  As a leading dental brand in the employee benefits space, the new Denplan partnerships also reaffirms Denplan’s long term commitment and investment in the dental market and in providing expert oral health care cover for companies and their employees.

Denplan will initially pilot the partnerships with five Denplan member practices, acquiring a 50% equity stake in the practice and becoming an equal partner, with the dentist retaining full clinical management of the practice. The equity stake that Denplan will acquire of these practices will be set up as a ring-fenced Denplan Company. The new company – Denplan Partnerships Limited – will operate separately from Denplan.

Steve Gates, Managing Director of Denplan, commented:Our strategy in launching a new partnership programme has been led by Denplan’s member dentists as it has become clear that for many of them, succession planning and retirement is an area that is taking an increasingly high priority. By piloting a new partnership programme, we believe that Denplan can play an active role in supporting succession planning for those individual dentists who are considering their clinical and financial future through to retirement.

“The new partnership model will reduce the barriers to a new associate taking over a practice as we will also support the eventual transition to a new owner, who would acquire the dentist’s 50% share of the practice. This programme will be revolutionary in “guaranteeing” the basis on which the remaining 50% of the practice will be valued, therefore providing real certainty to the dentists who participate. The partnerships will also support the dentist in realising some of the financial benefits of running a successful practice immediately while continuing to take responsibility for the day to day management of the practice, clinical activity and patient care.

Pam Whelan, Head of Corporate at Denplan commented: “We insure over 180,000 employees through Denplan corporate schemes and we believe these new partnerships will help us to continue to build strong links within our member dentist network.  With the growth in private dentistry expected to continue and a variety of care models emerging in the dental market, Denplan is well positioned to enter into these partnerships because we have strong relationships already in place, as well as a trusted brand.  We remain committed to enhancing our dental proposition for companies and their employees and we will continue to find innovative ways to achieve this.”

Denplan launches dental eldercare benefits to companies

23 March, 2015

Denplan has today announced that it is extending its dental employee benefit plans for corporates to include eldercare cover for employees. Investment and commercial banking giant JP Morgan is the first of Denplan’s corporate clients to introduce dental cover for elderly relatives of its workforce, by adding it to their flexible employee benefits scheme.

With an ageing population, it is becoming evident that more employees are finding themselves needing to care for elderly relatives, with employers becoming more aware of the support their staff may need when it comes to caring for their relatives. The latest statistics show that there are now over 11 million people in the UK aged over 65 and nearly one in five people currently in the UK will live to see their 100th birthday*.

Pam Whelan, Head of Corporate at Denplan comments: “The oral health needs of an ageing population should not be underestimated, and there is likely to be a growing impact on society of diseases such as periodontal disease (gum disease) which is often more common in later life. Periodontal disease can lead to tooth decay and loss of teeth, discomfort and disruption of chewing, difficulties with speech and avoidance of socialisation. All can play havoc with fundamental aspects of daily life for the elderly and this can in turn affect those having to care for them – especially in terms of employee’s mental health and wellbeing, and their finances.

“JP Morgan have clearly realised the benefits of providing health care cover for their employees and their elderly relatives so we are extremely pleased to be able to offer eldercare dental benefits to their staff as part of the company’s flexible benefits scheme. This allows their employees to select dental care cover for their parents at the same current corporate rates that they and their partners receive.”

Adam Brooke, Employee Benefits and Wellness Manager (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) at JP Morgan, commented: “We found that eldercare really resonates with our diverse workforce, and we have noticed that it is an area that has grown immensely over the last few years. We have worked with and promoted Denplan since 2005, and have always been impressed with the options and services they have provided for our employees so we are very pleased that Denplan has worked with us to expand the oral health care plans we offer to our staff. The eldercare dental cover has been added to a new section of our organisation’s flexible benefits portal, providing our employees with the opportunity to cover themselves, their partner and both their parents and parents-in-law for their dental health needs. We have informed all our staff of the new eldercare cover, and with 28% of our workforce currently members of Denplan, we expect take up to prove very popular.”

Denplan offer a range of flexible dental plans to suit the needs of companies and their employees, from providing basic cover for all employees or a more comprehensive package for some or all employees. Further information about Denplan’s full product range can be found at .

* Ageuk Factsheet, “Later Life in the United Kingdom”, February 2015

Denplan appoints two new members to their Corporate team

26 February, 2015

In order to continue offering an exceptional service to the UK employee benefits market, Denplan have appointed two new members to their Corporate team with effect from Monday 2nd March.

Tim Bell joins the team as Denplan’s Business Development Manager, overseeing all business relationships in London and the surrounding area. Tim joins the team after two years working as a Consultant in Denplan’s Pet Health Plans business during a period of rapid growth.

Luke Kennelly will be taking on the role of Corporate Consultant for the South of the UK. Luke has spent two years in the Corporate Marketing function at Denplan and brings with him good knowledge of the employee benefits market and financial services industry.

Tim and Luke join Zoe Lancaster, Senior Relationship Consultant and Gary Williams who heads up the team.

If you’d like to get in touch with any member of the team to talk about how a Denplan product could benefit your business, you can reach them using the details below:

Gary Williams

T: 01962 827 985

M: 07974 832 970


Zoe Lancaster

M: 07769 137 335


Tim Bell

M: 07964 505 244


Luke Kennelly

T: 01962 827 848

M: 07964 505 251


Denplan Corporate Sales team

T: 0800 169 3279


Denplan Discount Network continues to offer largest dentist network

12 February, 2015

More than three years on since its launch, the Denplan Discount Network (DDN) continues to offer the broadest network of dentists offering exclusive discounts of up to 20% to members of a Denplan corporate scheme. With almost 2,000 practices in the network, Denplan is helping the dental benefits available via corporate dental plans go even further.

The percentage of claims received where treatment took place at a Denplan Discount Network has steadily increased to 20% per month since the network was launched in January 2012. This figure has also risen in line with the number of searches carried out to find a Denplan Discount Dentist. The online search facility is used consistently, and last year there were over 20,000 searches conducted to locate a nearby dentist.

Colin Perry, Corporate Channel Manager at Denplan comments: “We believe our vast network can bring a range of benefits to all that use it. Dentists benefit from local employers using their practice and increasing patient numbers. Employees that are members of a corporate scheme benefit from a discount on their treatment making their annual benefits go further. Regular visits to the dentist are encouraged, to ensure good long term oral health which has a positive impact on overall general wellbeing. For employers an added benefit can be reduced dental related absences from work.”

“As the UK’s largest dental payment plan provider, we insure over 180,000 employees through Denplan corporate schemes and the DDN network is just one of the many extras that Denplan is able to offer to employers and employees.”

For more information about the Denplan Discount Network, please call 0800 169 3279 or visit

Denplan launches single sign on

5 February, 2015

Denplan is pleased to announce the introduction of a new innovation that adds more value to our employee dental plans offering, continuing our dedication to advancing technology in the employee benefits market. We are introducing ‘single sign on’, enabling employees to sign into the Denplan online services system via their flexible benefits platform, without the need for multiple passwords.

Denplan’s online services already offers employees the ability to submit and track their dental claims online, check their benefit entitlements and make changes to their personal details.

Pam Whelan, Head of Corporate at Denplan comments: “Once again, we’re proud to be at the forefront of delivering on the needs and wants of the employee benefits market. We believe this technological enhancement will benefit our clients, their employees and the intermediaries we work with in providing a more streamlined process, when accessing a flexible benefits platform.

“Keeping things as simple as possible is important with any financial product and this now means that employees only need to sign in once to be able to access a whole range of benefits, including their dental plan.”

For more information about Denplan’s Single Sign On, please call 0800 169 3279.

Denplan’s donation to Dental Playbox

3 February, 2015
action for sick children

Denplan,the UK’s leading dental payment plan specialist, part of the Simplyhealth group, has made a £30,000 donation to help expand the highly successful Stockport-based Dental Playbox project which uses puppets and play to give children a fun route to good dental health care.

The announcement of the donation was warmly welcomed by Val Jackson, chief executive of Action for Sick Children, the charity that runs the Dental Playbox project across the North West. “This is an incredibly generous donation and one that will enable us to take the proven benefits of the Dental Playbox scheme to even more children,” she said speaking from Action for Sick Children’s High Lane, Stockport HQ.

“We know that the Dental Playbox really can help children learn how to look after their teeth because we have been running successful sessions in the North West for a number of years. We’ve seen the benefits, we’ve received positive comments from dentists and we have been keen to expand our sessions to other areas.

“However, sadly we have never had the funds required to expand the Dental Playbox to other areas until now.This donation is wonderful news and we can’t wait to start taking the Dental Playbox to those children who will benefit from it most.”

Miss Jackson and her team have already identified Leeds as an urgent target area for the Dental Playbox but plans to work on an expansion strategy to ensure its benefits go to those areas that need it most as soon as possible. “Our Playbox facilitators are totally dedicated and they can’t wait to bring the Dental Playbox wherever it is needed as soon as possible,” added Miss Jackson.

Sharon Ellis, Denplan’s Community Fund Chairman and Head of Human Resources said: “Denplan believes in a preventive approach to oral health and we’re delighted to have the opportunity to help more children across the North West get off to a healthy start. Made possible through the Simplyhealth Charitable Giving committee, the donation will help youngsters understand how important their teeth and gums are and how best they can look after them, teaching them key skills for the rest of their lives.”

For further information click onto:


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