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Denplan: looking after your employees’ wellbeing

19 June, 2015

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With National Smile Month over, let’s not forget how important it is to promote good oral hygiene all year round.

Here at Denplan, we firmly believe that where oral health is concerned, prevention is definitely better than cure. That’s why we developed products-and-servicesour My Teeth website specifically with good oral health in mind. My Teeth is ideal for employees that want to discover more on caring for their teeth outside of the dentist.

And it doesn’t end there! Your employees can even assess their own oral health through My Dental Score. This handy assessment can be an important first step for those who want to find out the state of their oral health.

With over 6,500 dentists across the UK, employees can be sure they’ll find a convenient dentist close to work. To find out more, visit us at Denplan for Companies.

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Fact 1 source: Denplan Corporate Decision Makers Survey 2015.

Fact 2 source: YouGov Health and Wellbeing Survey 2015.

The Health Insurance Awards, Why You Should Enter

10 June, 2015

This year, Denplan is proud to sponsor the award for Best Dental Benefits Intermediary at the 2015 Health Insurance Awards.

What are the Health Insurance Awards?

The Health Insurance Awards are the UK’s TOP awards for intermediaries who have shown excellence over the past year. They are the “Oscars” of the industry, and here at Denplan, we’re encouraging you to enter. You have to be in it to win it!

Why should you enter? 

Winning this prestigious award means you could have an advantage over your competitors; you could enhance customer confidence and you’ll have a night out at The Grosvenor to boot! On top of this, whether you win or are short-listed, you’ll receive a logo that you can use on your upcoming literature, website, emails, social media, stationery  etc. giving you the edge over the competition.

We all like to prove that we’re the best so show the industry that you are by winning an award this year!

It’s easy to enter.

1. Think of a client you’ve had a particular success with.

2. Work with us to submit an (up to) 1000 word entry to HI.

3. To enter simply contact your account manager for full details.

We’re here to help.

We’ll help you with any queries you may have while entering the awards. We’ll provide you with hints and tips on how to best write your entry, and we’ll even send you a framework to prompt you into writing a fantastic entry! The closing date for entries is the 31st of July.

The awards will be held HID-Awards-2015at the Grosvenor Hotel, Park Lane, on the 15 October 2015. We hope to see you there!

Making a claim on your dental insurance with Denplan is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

9 June, 2015

At Denplan we recognise the need to process and pay claims in an efficient and timely manner.

Therefore we have made our claiming experience as simple as possible:

  • We do not require the dentist to sign the claim form
  • No pre-authorisation required, on any amount

Since January 2015, 75% of claims submitted online were paid under 2 working days with the remainder reimbursed within our standard service delivery of 5 working days*

Claiming process2

To find out more about Denplan call us on 0800 169 3279.

 *for all claims where we have received all necessary information to process the claim. 

Denplan helps you deliver your health and wellbeing objectives.

5 June, 2015

At Denplan, we make implementing a dental plan as easy as possible for you and your employees.employer research

  • We’re dedicated. From the beginning, a Business Development Associate and a dedicated Account Manager will work with you to create what you need for your health and wellbeing strategy to be delivered.
  • We’re versatile. We can work with you directly or via intermediaries. Whatever you prefer, we’ll be flexible!
  • We’re collaborative. Our team will provide the engaging communication tools to make sure that the dental benefit is understood and appreciated by your employees.
  • We’ll tailor our services to what you want. Every employer delivers their health and wellbeing strategy in the way that suits them. In addition to regular meetings, your Account Manager will provide you with:mkgtsupportimage
    • Promotional material for national campaigns including Mouth Cancer Action Month and Dry January.
    • A tailored communication plan to drive employee engagement that includes bespoke materials that fit with your brand and ethos.
    • Access to added features like the Denplan Discount Network, ‘MyTeeth’ and ‘My Dental Score’.
    • Regular management information reports.
  • Finally, we are going nowhere! Some of our Account Managers have worked with their clients for over 10 years – you can rest assured you won’t be ignored!

Read our team biographies and find out more about our team of BDA’s and Account Managers.

Fear of the dentist….dental teams can help!

4 June, 2015

dentist patientThere have been several column inches in the press this week about a programme, “The truth about your teeth” that will air on BBC 1 tonight. It features a lady so afraid of going to the dentist she used super glue for over ten years to stick her broken teeth back into her mouth.

Sadly, the fear of going to the dentist (dental anxiety or dental phobia) is not uncommon, and in the most severe cases can result in people avoiding dental treatment altogether.  Denplan’s latest consumer research* revealed that 39% of patients who don’t visit their dentist regularly do so because they have a fear of the dentist or the pain they might feel. The most recent Adult Dental Health Survey of England, Wales and Northern Ireland, from 2009 also indicated that the proportion of the population characterised as being dentally phobic was in the order of 10%.**

Most dental teams are very experienced in helping nervous patients so it shouldn’t be difficult to find a team that can help anyone who feels worried about visiting the dentist.  The most important thing is to find a dentist that they can trust, feel comfortable with, and who takes the time to discuss treatment options and procedures.  Dental patients should not feel embarrassed to say that they are nervous – in fact letting the dentist know will give them a much better chance to work with them to overcome any anxiety.

If you have employees who suffer from dental anxiety, we would recommend they talk to their dental team as a first step. They will be able to talk through any procedures and discuss what can be done to make them feel more at ease.


*Consumer attitudes towards dental care, Denplan/YouGov survey 2015.  All figures, are from YouGov Plc. Total sample size was 5,823 adults. Fieldwork was undertaken between 4-9th February 2015. The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all GB adults (18+) 

** Hill KD, Chadwick B, Freeman R, O’Sullivan I, Murray JJ Adult Dental Health Survey 2009: relationships between dental attendance patterns, oral health behaviour and the current barriers to dental care. British Dental Journal 2013 DOI: 10.1038/ sj.bdj.2012.1176

Denplan: why you need to talk to us.

3 June, 2015

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With health and wellbeing objectives firmly on the HR agenda across the UK, here are five reasons why talking to a Denplan Corporate Consultant can help you to keep your employees smiling.


Value – Will employees notice a pay rise of £4.60 a month? Or, would they be happier with cover for the full cost of their next filling? Whether it’s a routine check up or a root canal, employees will be thankful that they don’t have to worry about the fee.

Time – For the past 2 years, Auto-Enrolment projects have been dominating HR professionals’ agendas nationwide. With the bulk of those projects now ending, it’s the perfect time to refocus and learn how a dental plan can add value to your employee benefits package.

Health & mapwellbeing – Dental check ups don’t just detect decay. They also pick up on serious conditions, like mouth cancer. Your Denplan Corporate Consultant can talk you through all the health benefits that offering a dental plan can give your employees.

Usability – Implementing a dental plan doesn’t have to be hard work! Complete a simple form, submit your membership list and you’re good to go! Time spent with a Denplan Corporate Consultant will give you a clear understanding of the products that are on offer and the available funding methods for each, so get in touch!

They’re human – Researching employee benefits often means sifting through benefit schedules as well as terms and conditions, which can be time consuming! Denplan Corporate Consultants will listen to what you’re looking for and help you to create what you need. In a nutshell, they will make life as easy as possible for you from the word go!

To book your time with a Denplan Corporate Consultant, call us on 0800 169 3279.

FACTS – British Dental Health Foundation NSM 2015 Fun Facts.

National Smile Month 2015 – How important is your smile?

13 May, 2015


Its that time of year again….. National Smile Month will be with us from 18th May – 18th June 2015, one of the largest and longest-running oral health campaigns in the world!

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National Smile Month (NSM) is organised by the British Dental Health Foundation and supported by dental plan provider, Denplan with the primary aim of improving the UK’s oral health.

NSM promotes three simple but fundamental messages to everyone who has a mouth, which of course is everyone!  all of which go a long way to helping us develop and maintain a healthy mouth.

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Offering a dental plan as part of an employees benefits package has its obvious advantages, however, with Denplan you get so much more.

For full details of our dental plans and services visit here.


FACTS – British Dental Health Foundation NSM 2015 Fun Facts.

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