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Employee benefits market

8 March, 2011

Pam Whelan, Corporate Dental Sales Manager at Denplan, looks at how the benefits marketplace is changing and what brokers need to know to keep up to date.

I predict that there will be a shift in company’s attitudes to benefits in 2011, with a far greater focus on employee engagement and communication across the board, not just among the very largest companies. In fact, when choosing a dental plan, the key factor for these company decision makers is the simplicity of the product. Employers want to ensure employees can easily understand and take advantage of the benefits they’re offering, so it’s crucial that brokers can provide not only the products, but the means to communicate these to employees and add value to their own service.

However, we know as well as you do that different companies will have different priorities and larger businesses will always have a greater focus on cost and ROI especially – 23% of companies cite cost as a key factor*.

Some dental benefit providers can offer a range of high-value services and support for free, as part of their package, so it’s worth using an expert dental company, rather than a general insurance provider. They can not only provide experience that’s based on the latest developments in the dental industry, but easy to use products and a range of broker sales-aids to help you communicate appropriate messages to your clients.

To find out what makes Denplan an expert dental company, please visit our ‘Bite size Research’ page.

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