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What Influences a Companies’ Choice of Dental Plan?

11 August, 2011

Company Size Does Matter

Different factors influence companies’ choice of dental plan according to the company size. For example, price and product simplicity are most important among medium companies (64% and 48% respectively) and large companies (54% and 46% respectively).

Good claims handling is actually the most commonly cited factor for smaller companies with over 36%. This may be due to actual employee experience which is then fed back to benefit decision makers. However, access to the provider’s network of dentists was cited most strongly with larger companies, with 1 in 5 saying this factor influenced their decision.

Price isn’t Everything

Interestingly, when asked to rate the most important factor when choosing a dental plan, over 21% of large companies cited simplicity of product over price (19%). Again, good claims handling was most important to small companies and medium-sized companies were particularly price focused with nearly 42% citing this as the key factor when choosing a dental plan provider.

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