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Denplan launches the Denplan Discount Network

17 January, 2013

Denplan Discount Network find-a-discount-dentist-map_TransBG

Denplan was joined in London by employee benefit intermediaries from across the country in the New Year to announce the launch of the Denplan Discount Network on the 17th January– a new service designed to provide its corporate members with access to dental treatment at discounted rates.

Across the UK there are employees and their families enjoying the benefits of Denplan products as an employee benefit and over 6,500 Denplan member dentists keen to increase their patient numbers. Denplan, therefore, communicated with all Denplan member dentists to link the two together and offer the opportunity to join the network to offer a discount to employees of the companies offering Denplan employee benefit products. To date over 1,500 Denplan dentists across the UK have signed up and this figure is increasing daily.

The Denplan Discount Network works because Denplan is able to support all companies offering Denplan as an employee benefit with information about the service, and actively work with them to ensure their employees are aware of all the participating dentists in their area.

It will enable employers to communicate a wellbeing message by promoting attendance with a dentist that is close to their place of work, without impacting employee absenteeism.  The employees will be able to access this information via a secure website which will only be available to employees covered by one of Denplan’s corporate plans.

Denplan Managing Director, Steve Gates, who spoke at the launch, commented: “the Denplan Discount Network is just another example of our unique service offering at Denplan – providing intermediaries with a unique selling point for the Denplan Corporate products. It makes perfect sense to link the two sides of our business together and the best news is that dentists are still able to join, so the Network will continue to grow.

For more information about the Denplan Discount Network, please call 0800 169 3279 or from 17th January visit

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