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No Smoking Day – work together to stay healthy!

13 March, 2013

Thinking of giving up the cigarettes? Have you attempted for New Year’s, for Lent … Well, now you have another chance to give it a go, as Wednesday 13th March is national ‘No Smoking Day’!

‘No Smoking Day’, organised by the British Heart Foundation, has run for more than 25 years to support people to quit smoking. Most people are already aware the impact smoking has on their general health, but it’s important for your oral health too.

The great news is that a recent survey by Denplan shows that trends are already changing and two thirds of people do not smoke, as part of their daily activity to make sure they keep their gums and teeth in good shape*!

Dr Henry Clover, Denplan’s Deputy Chief Dental Officer says: “Besides causing issues for your overall health, smoking can cause damage to your mouth, gums and teeth. It can lead to unsightly tooth staining, contributes significantly to gum disease and potential tooth loss.

“Even more seriously, smoking is one of the major risk factors in mouth cancer. Make sure you go to see your dentist regularly and take the opportunity to discuss your lifestyle habits, so that the dentist and the whole dental team can help you in the best way possible!”

Join in on ‘No Smoking Day’ and download more information on activities you can do with your employees here:

For more information about how to look after your teeth visit

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