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Denplan hosts policy roundtable debate to discuss dental and general health

14 November, 2013


As the UK’s leading dental payment plan provider for consumers and employees, Denplan hosted a policy round table debate in Westminster last week to strengthen oral health messages in the wider public health agenda. The roundtable, entitled ‘Prevention and Early Intervention: Realising Dentistry’s potential to meet Britain’s Chronic Disease Challenge’, was designed to discuss:

  • The value dentistry can add to the early intervention, prevention and public health agenda
  • The advantages of an increasingly sophisticated integration of oral and general health promotion
  • How dentists are innovating in early intervention and prevention and how to enhance this
  • The ‘traffic light’ treatment plan in new dental strategies and broader health triggers
  • Views on what more can be achieved and how practically to fulfil that goal

Denplan’s Chief Dental Officer, Roger Matthews commented: “It is my firm belief that dentistry can play a far greater role in the prevention and early intervention of chronic diseases and long-term conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. The evidence of this is growing exponentially and dentists are in the very privileged position to see a large cross section of the population for regular check ups – something that GPs simply cannot do.

“This roundtable debate was designed to look at the evidence linking oral and general health as well as ways of getting good oral healthcare messages into the public agenda.”

The guest list for the event included attendees from a wide range of health policy areas, government, think tanks, academia and dentistry journals, all of whom helped to create a lively debate with many forward-thinking outcomes. The event was chaired by Financial Times News Editor, Sarah Neville, and speakers included:

  • Dr Roger – Matthews – Denplan’s Chief Dental Officer
  • Duncan – Selbie – Public – Health England
  • Dr Richard – Guyver – Practising Dentist
  • Dr Barry – Cockcroft – NHS
  • Professor – Iain Chapple – Professor – Periodontology at the University of Birmingham
  • Dr Charles – Alessi – Chair – National Association of Primary Care

Pam Whelan, Head of Corporate at Denplan said: “Our round table debate yet again showed the important links between oral health and general health issues. With our recent survey showing that 63 per cent of people without a dental plan would consider one if their employer offered it*, it seems like a unique opportunity for companies to address employees’ oral health to potentially also prevent lots of other general health problems in the future.

It’s also very important to us, to ensure we are at the forefront of the latest oral health findings, using insights from the industry to ensure our products and services always meet future patient needs.”

To find out more about Denplan’s products visit

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