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7 November, 2014

Denplan’s hub for oral health and hygiene advice has been re-homed within the website. The site, which can now be found at has been developed to provide practical advice for day-to-day dental healthcare.

Available to everybody, the site contains hints and tips on maintaining a good oral health routine along with insights into what actually happens when you visit the dentist.

Denplan’s approach to preventive dental care means that a good oral healthcare routine should be started at a young age. With this in mind, the site also contains useful suggestions to help parents encourage their kids to take good care of their teeth. Downloadable activity packs are available to make the learning fun for kids aged five to 14.

With nutrition and hydration being equally as important as the daily brush in terms of oral health care, guides are provided offering suggestions on how to stick to a good diet, (while still allowing for the odd treat!).

There’s also a short questionnaire to complete to help you determine how your lifestyle may be affecting your teeth and gums, and to give you an indication about your future risk of dental disease.

The site is updated regularly, so take a look today to start on your path to better oral health.

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