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Denplan’s donation to Dental Playbox

3 February, 2015

Denplan,the UK’s leading dental payment plan specialist, part of the Simplyhealth group, has made a £30,000 donation to help expand the highly successful Stockport-based Dental Playbox project which uses puppets and play to give children a fun route to good dental health care.

The announcement of the donation was warmly welcomed by Val Jackson, chief executive of Action for Sick Children, the charity that runs the Dental Playbox project across the North West. “This is an incredibly generous donation and one that will enable us to take the proven benefits of the Dental Playbox scheme to even more children,” she said speaking from Action for Sick Children’s High Lane, Stockport HQ.

“We know that the Dental Playbox really can help children learn how to look after their teeth because we have been running successful sessions in the North West for a number of years. We’ve seen the benefits, we’ve received positive comments from dentists and we have been keen to expand our sessions to other areas.

“However, sadly we have never had the funds required to expand the Dental Playbox to other areas until now.This donation is wonderful news and we can’t wait to start taking the Dental Playbox to those children who will benefit from it most.”

Miss Jackson and her team have already identified Leeds as an urgent target area for the Dental Playbox but plans to work on an expansion strategy to ensure its benefits go to those areas that need it most as soon as possible. “Our Playbox facilitators are totally dedicated and they can’t wait to bring the Dental Playbox wherever it is needed as soon as possible,” added Miss Jackson.

Sharon Ellis, Denplan’s Community Fund Chairman and Head of Human Resources said: “Denplan believes in a preventive approach to oral health and we’re delighted to have the opportunity to help more children across the North West get off to a healthy start. Made possible through the Simplyhealth Charitable Giving committee, the donation will help youngsters understand how important their teeth and gums are and how best they can look after them, teaching them key skills for the rest of their lives.”

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