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Denplan: why you need to talk to us.

3 June, 2015

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With health and wellbeing objectives firmly on the HR agenda across the UK, here are five reasons why talking to a Denplan Corporate Consultant can help you to keep your employees smiling.


Value – Will employees notice a pay rise of £4.60 a month? Or, would they be happier with cover for the full cost of their next filling? Whether it’s a routine check up or a root canal, employees will be thankful that they don’t have to worry about the fee.

Time – For the past 2 years, Auto-Enrolment projects have been dominating HR professionals’ agendas nationwide. With the bulk of those projects now ending, it’s the perfect time to refocus and learn how a dental plan can add value to your employee benefits package.

Health & mapwellbeing – Dental check ups don’t just detect decay. They also pick up on serious conditions, like mouth cancer. Your Denplan Corporate Consultant can talk you through all the health benefits that offering a dental plan can give your employees.

Usability – Implementing a dental plan doesn’t have to be hard work! Complete a simple form, submit your membership list and you’re good to go! Time spent with a Denplan Corporate Consultant will give you a clear understanding of the products that are on offer and the available funding methods for each, so get in touch!

They’re human – Researching employee benefits often means sifting through benefit schedules as well as terms and conditions, which can be time consuming! Denplan Corporate Consultants will listen to what you’re looking for and help you to create what you need. In a nutshell, they will make life as easy as possible for you from the word go!

To book your time with a Denplan Corporate Consultant, call us on 0800 169 3279.

FACTS – British Dental Health Foundation NSM 2015 Fun Facts.

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