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Denplan’s ‘Big Summer Brush-Up’ campaign focuses on children’s oral health

17 July, 2015

BSBUThe headlines this week have focused on the poor state of children’s oral health across the country; “Child tooth decay at crisis point” (The Times), 50,000 children in hospital each year for rotten teeth (The Express) and “Rotten teeth in kids crisis as dentists demand graphic health warnings on fizzy drinks and sweets(The Mirror).  Research shows that almost a third of five-year-olds are suffering from tooth decay, and it is the most common single reason why five- to nine-year-olds are admitted to hospital. In some cases children are admitted for multiple tooth extractions under general anaesthetic, despite tooth decay being almost entirely preventable.[i]

Denplan has also conducted our own research with over 2,000 parents of children aged 2-11, which shows that over a third (37.35%) of children have gone more than a day without brushing their teeth, with over 14% not brushing for two days. Furthermore, over 80% of children don’t brush for the recommended two minutes each time they brush[ii]. Clearly, the state of children’s oral health needs addressing and that’s why Denplan is focussing on children’s oral health in our Big Summer Brush-up campaign which runs for six weeks throughout the summer school holidays. We will be encouraging parents across the UK, to make the most of the summer holidays to visit the dentist. This national-facing PR campaign will help to raise awareness of the importance of proper brushing and will provide practical tips on how best to do this.

Over the six week period, we’ll be revealing the results of our in-depth family surveys and focus groups through national press articles and social media. We’ve also designed a handy booklet – Denplan’s Little Book of Healthy Smiles – for families to download from  This provides helpful tips on how to brush effectively, including oral health advice from dentists and insights from mums to other mums.

Earlier this month, on the 1st July, Denplan also hosted a Roundtable meeting at The House of Lords emphasising the importance of children’s oral health and the serious consequences of failing to provide enough advice, guidance and access to oral health assessments.  We were extremely pleased that BSBU2key policymakers from across the health spectrum were motivated to attend. This shows our commitment and ability at Denplan to make sure dentistry commands attention at the highest level.

Improving your family’s oral health is an issue that will concern everyone, to find out more, employees can visit

[i] Faculty of Dental Surgery report on The state of children’s oral health in England, published January 2015

[ii] A Onepoll survey of 2,000 participants conducted in May 2015

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