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The hidden sugars in our food

4 September, 2015

Sugar-Free-September-Logo-Final-08-15Staying away from sugar may be more difficult than you realise

Avoiding sugar may seem easy if you forego the sweets, chocolates, biscuits and desserts, but did you know that sugar is present in thousands of unexpected grocery items too?

Manufacturers often add sugar to their products to boost the flavour and improve the texture – even if it’s labelled as a ‘low-fat’ or a ‘healthy’ item. Looking at the labels for sugar content isn’t always straightforward either, as there are over 30 different names for sugar – some of which you may not realise are actually sugar. Check out our sugar word cloud infographic which may surprise you!

SFS word cloud

As well as the obvious things such as cakes, biscuits, chocolate, sweets, fizzy drinks and desserts, sugar is also added to a huge amount of unexpected grocery items. A quick look at the ingredients label of many ready-meals, pasta sauces, soups, ketchup, processed foods, flavoured yoghurts and cereals will reveal surprising amounts of added sugar. And even if you think you’ve chosen a healthy option because it said ‘90% fat-free’ on the packaging, it may well be loaded with hidden sugar to boost the flavour.

Giving up these processed sugars can have many benefits on your oral health and overall health, from reducing the chance of tooth decay, to improving your mood and stress levels. Read more about why to reduce your sugar intake here. 

Help your employees improve their overall health and wellbeing and check out our Sugar-Free September Website, designed to encourage and support transitioning to a sugar free lifestyle. From outlining what we Brits know about sugar, to handy sugar-free recipes, we have every aspect of Sugar-Free September covered.

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