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Denplan provides eldercare

1 February, 2016

Here at Denplan, we want to do everything possible to look after the health and wellbeing of employees and their extended family. With that in mind, we can now offer employees the opportunity to cover more of the people they love with eldercare.

The UK’s ageiEldercare_Elephant_07_15ng demographic means that more and more of us have the care of elderly relatives to consider. The number of people needing care will outstrip the family members able to provide it, and this is affects the ‘sandwich generation’ (so named because they need to re-think how they best manage their work-life balance to better cope with the care of both children and elderly relatives).

The changing demographic will create a number of challenges for employers. Perhaps the most pressing will be the need for organisations to help employees understand the realities of living longer and caring for their families across all generations.

The addition of eldercare to our plans helps to provide employees with financial and (more importantly) emotional reassurance.

We will be attending EB Connect on the 9th of March, so be sure to come and have a talk with us about how eldercare benefits companies and employees alike. Alternatively, find out more about eldercare cover with Denplan and visit our eldercare webpage, or call us on 01962 828 008.

Source data from “What is driving demand for eldercare as a workplace benefit?“, by Robert Crawford for

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