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World Oral Health Day

17 March, 2016

This Sunday marks World Oral Health Day. Celebrated on the 20th March annually, it’s an international day to promote the benefits of a healthy mouth and to raise awareness around the importance of oral hygiene.

At Denplan we have long believed that there are NOC1215-National-Smile-Month-Dot-Mailer-Header-05-153links between your oral health and overall wellbeing. There is increasing evidence supporting the links between poor oral healthcare and other more serious conditions, such as diabetes, fertility problems and cardiovascular disease*.

We believe that prevention is definitely better than cure. It’s never too early or too late to start looking after your oral health. No matter what age, ensure that you are visiting a dentist on a regular basis.

Dentists are best placed to spot any other conditions that may need further investigation. Brush your teeth for 2 minutes twice a day, and make sure to clean in between your teeth. If flossing doesn’t suit you, make use of interdental brushes or sugar-free gum. Limit your intake of sugar and alcohol, why not make use of our handy sugar-free recipes?

We’ve developed our My Teeth website specifically with good oral health in mind. My Teeth is ideal for people that want to discover more about caring for their mouth outside of the dentist. And it doesn’t end there! You can also assess your own oral health through My Dental Score. This handy assessment can be an important first step for those who want to find out the state of their oral health.

Having a healthy mouth goes far beyond having a nice smile. Healthy mouth ensures a healthy body and you can visit The World Oral Health Day website to learn more about how to achieve it.


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