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Survey: the links between oral health and overall wellbeing

23 May, 2016

Here at Denplan, we believe that prevention is definitely better than cure.

Increasingly, studies are finding connections between our oral health and our overall NOC1215-National-Smile-Month-Dot-Mailer-Header-05-153health. Links are now recognised between gum disease and more serious conditions including diabetes, strokes, and heart disease. Not only does this support the importance of regular dental check-ups, it also highlights the far-reaching benefits that good oral health can have on your overall wellbeing.

Every year we run a consumer survey to explore how people feel about their oral health and dental care. This year, we asked consumers about their understanding of the links between their oral health and overall wellbeing. Here were some of our findings:

  • 82% of adults agree that poor oral health can have a significant impact on your overall general health.
  • 75% of adults agree that signs of serious diseases and illnesses can be detected in their mouth by their dentist.
  • 79% of adults think that dentists, GPs and other health professionals should provide more information and raise awareness of the links between oral health and conditions such as mouth cancer, heart disease, strokes, and diabetes.

Henry Clover Head & Shoulders 110x118px 07-11Henry Clover, Denplan’s Chief Dental Officer said:

“Although still in its infancy, some private dental practices are starting to offer additional health checks to patients such as weight monitoring, blood pressure, diabetes checks, and cholesterol levels. This value-added service supports the message of oral health linking to overall health and provides patients with valuable insights into their general wellbeing, especially if they find it more convenient to visit their dentist on a more regular basis than their GP.”

For more information on how employees could brush up on their oral health through our range of corporate plans, please call 01962 828 007 or  visit

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