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The Definitive Guide to Dental Plans now available to download

25 August, 2016

With health and wellbeing objectives firmly on the HR agenda, employers across the UK are starting to look beyond price when picking their benefits. They are focusing on what intermediaries and providers can deliver in line with the health and wellbeing strategies: preventive solutions in particular.

Luke Kennelly, Corporate Marketing Leader, says:

“Based on findings from our annual Health and Wellbeing Survey, we found that now more than ever, employers have a strong focus on implementing and delivering health and wellbeing strategies. At the heart of this is an inclination to include benefits that will genuinely enhance employee wellbeing, while still offering good value for money. CompaHI thumbnailnies value the service provided by brokers more than last year and certainly acknowledge that negotiating better rates are among their strengths. They also suggest that bringing with them skills that don’t exist within the organisation is helpful, suggesting that value may be added in areas such as benefits understanding and communications. If brokers can therefore work with providers on benefit delivery as much as the cost, they can truly add value for their client.”

With this in mind, we teamed up with Health Insurance Daily to produce a definitive guide to dental plans. With articles focusing on many aspects from reducing absenteeism to using employee communications to increase take-up, The Definitive Guide to Dental Plans hopes to be an informative resource for intermediaries. The guide is available to download, or if you’d rather a printed copy, get in touch and we’ll pop one in the post!


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