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Sugar-Free September, 2 days to go

30 August, 2016

This Thursday marks the beginning of Denplan’s Sugar-Free September and there’s just no sugar-coating it ― as a nation we consume far more sugar than advised and it’s having a huge impact on our oral and overall health. So we’re encouraging you and your employees to join us in going sugar-free this September.

From a dental perspective, it’s worth noting that it’s how often you eat sugar throughout the day that causes tooth decay, rather than how much. With that in mind, we wonder how much sugar employees are consuming as part of their office tea rounds, and how much do they know about sugar alternatives?

We conducted some research and here were our key findings:

  • 1 in 10 Brits are adding a spoonful of sugar to their tea at least three times a day, putting both their oral health and general wellbeing at risk[1].
  • 1 in 5 Brits don’t think that fruit smoothies contained any sugar, despite recent research showing that smoothies stocked by major supermarkets contain over five teaspoons of the sweet ingredient[2]
  • Over a fifth (22%) consider sugar laden office biscuits responsible for their Sugar-Free-September-Logo-Final-08-15consumption of added sugar1.
  • 3pm appears to be a heightened time for sugar sinning, with 17% of people admitting that this is when they give into cravings for sweet stuff1.

The lack of knowledge surrounding sugar consumption is worrying, so we’re urging employees to visit our Sugar-Free September site,, designed to encourage and support transitioning to a sugar-free lifestyle. Encourage your employees by holding a sugar-free bake sale, or hold a competition for Best Sugar-Free recipe. Awareness is key, so download your posters today!

[1] Onepoll survey of 2,000 participants conducted in February 2016


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