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Risk factors of mouth cancer

2 November, 2016

What is mouth cancer?

Mouth cancers are the most common cancers of the head and neck area. They can begin in any part of the mouth. Mouth cancer claims more lives than testicular and cervical cancers combined, and the number of cases is increasing each year. Mouth cancers can start anywhere in the mouth:

  • lips
  • front of the tongue
  • gums
  • floor and roof of the mouth
  • behind the wisdom teeth

It is likely that your dentist will be the first person to notice signs of mouth cancer. As with all cancers, early detection is key.

bluelipsToday sees the first day of Mouth Cancer Action Month (MCAM) and Denplan is delighted to once again be the main sponsor and to run our supporting Blue Lip Selfie campaign!

More than 7,500 people were diagnosed with mouth cancer last year in the UK. Cases of the disease have grown by a third in the last decade and it is one of very few cancers which are predicted to increase further in the coming years.* Early detection remains crucial for survival rates which is why regular dentist appointments are so valuable.

Risk factors

  •  Two thirds of mouth cancer cases are linked to smoking tobacco
  • A morning cigarette doubles the chances of developing the disease
  • Smokeless tobacco use can increase the risk of developing mouth cancer by 15 times
  • Drinking alcohol to excess is linked to around a third of all cases
  • Those who smoke and drink to excess put themselves at risk by up to 30 times
  • An estimated 56% of mouth cancer cancers in the UK are linked to eating fewer than five portions of fruit and vegetables per day

We’re passionate about promoting the key messages of MCAM and making a difference alongside you.

 *Source: Oral Health Foundation 2016

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