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Why is Dry January good for employees?

17 January, 2017

We’re now over two weeks into Dry January, and thousands of people have been alcohol free for 17 days! We understand the links between alcohol consumption and oral health, and believe that a happy mouth can lead to a happier work place. We’re encouraging as many companies to get behind employees and support them in completing Dry January.

Why is Dry January beneficial to a company? An estimated 17 million days per year are lost in productivity and absenteeism. 25% of employees drink over the NHS guidelines, a third of employees have admitted to being at work with a hangover, and 15% admit to being at work whilst drunk! A 200 employee strong organisation can lose up to £185 per employee per year in alcohol related absenteeism.

Dry January pushes towards a happier and healthier workforce, reduced absenteeism and by joining in, a company shows that it cares about employee health and wellbeing.

What could your employees expect to gain from going alcohol-free for the next two weeks? They’ll have more energy, thanks to more sleep, and more woman-hearttime thanks to no hangovers! They may notice weight loss and clearer skin. Statistics show that people who participate in Dry January have a drink less up to six months after Dry January is over, and have a healthier relationship with alcohol. Employees will have a sense of achievement once they’ve completed the challenge, not to mention the money they will have saved!

14 more days to go, good luck!


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